Injection Molded



We provide a full range of engineering and production services to the automotive industry. As a client-focused solutions provider, our engineers work as an extension of our client’s own engineering department.

We openly collaborate with our clients directly to optimize product design and assist in product development. We employ Unigraphics® and MoldFlow® analysis for all products during the development stage. This proactive approach allows us to identify potential concerns and make any changes prior to tool completion to ensure design purity, optimized performance and structural integrity in everything we develop.


We exclusively use all-electric injection-molding machines to improve part accuracy while reducing cycle times and maintenance costs. Our strategic alliance with top painting suppliers ensures flawless painting and decorating throughout the manufacturing process. We utilize robotic and semi-automatic assembly, robotic foam-in-place and heat-staking assembly methods. Our 100% in-line testing methods ensure impeccable quality control standards every time.


Our manufacturing processes include injection molding, insert molding, second-shot molding, valve-gate molding, heat staking, over-molding and sub-assembly. We also offer elite tooling management capabilities and ensure our tools are built and maintained to the highest quality standards.

Part Removal
  • Use of robotics for removal of parts, sprues and runners eliminating the need of an operator and streamlines the machine process
  • Robotic part separation for family tools ensuring differing product is segregated
  • Use of ‘Swing Shute’; upon detection of ‘suspect’ product the molding machine rejects and separates the parts from production
Vision Systems
  • Ensure parts are free from short shots
  • Insert molding verifies presence of insert and correct location
  • Ensure parts are free from the mold prior to completion of cycle
Secondary Equipment
  • Error proofing equipment
  • Automated assembly equipment and fixtures
  • Robotic end of arm tooling
  • Clip installation
  • Foam installation

The Way Forward

Markdom has committed significant investments towards enhancing the company’s capabilities for even greater product innovation, manufacturing processes and business model optimization through dual-shot molding, under-hood systems, expanded insert molding, structural interior electronics and system integration.

As we enter the stratosphere of Industry 4.0, we will be utilizing predictive analytics to prolong equipment life and leverage realtime data to forecast maintenance for fully optimized manufacturing processes.