By Innovation

About Markdom International

Markdom International is a leading manufacturer of injection-molded plastics for the automotive and consumer goods industries. Markdom’s commitment to continuous innovation informs every facet of the firm’s operations, from implementing the latest Industry 4.0-ready technologies, to engineering and product development, to solutions-driven client relations. Core market differentiators for Markdom include the company’s advanced two-shot injection-molding technologies, expertise in tooling, and a proven reputation for building rugged, tight-tolerance parts for their discerning portfolio of clients.

Beyond Automotive

In addition to developing reliable small-functioning plastics for the automotive industry, Markdom is in the process of augmenting the firm’s proven engineering expertise towards the consumer goods, electronics, food and medical industries, to our trademark highest standards of quality and reliability.

A Steadfast Commitment To Excellence

Quality Control

We are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing peerless product quality and exceptional client services. We achieve these high standards through an unwavering focus on innovation and team collaboration, with the agility to adapt and implement changes with a focus on improvement in all areas.


We have achieved a sustained top-tier quality rating with all of our clients, including the General Motor Supplier Quality Excellence Award for the past eight consecutive years and a PPM rating of zero.

Our manufacturing facilities are certified to the IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management System and we hold ISO 14001 certification.

Our quality systems include:

  • Co-ordinated measuring machine integrated with 3D data and full GD&T capabilities to ensure parts are 100% dimensionally correct
  • Vision system: Three axis, non-contact measurement system capable of accommodating a wide range of applications
  • Part-specific testing performed in-house, such as specific impact tests, colour tests and more
  • Attribute and variable checking on all fixtures and gauges

The Continuous Pursuit Of Perfection

We are committed to providing superior products and services to our clients by being the strongest link in your supply chain. We collaborate with each of our client partners directly in developing unique systems and process that ensure we consistently deliver to the highest quality standards.

Program Management

We are committed to manufacturing products to the highest standards of quality and reliability, on time and on budget, each and every time. Our web-based program management system provides realtime information on our production process, and our time-proven scheduling system is integrated with our proprietary MRP system. In addition, all key information such as correspondence, documentation, timelines and tasks are posted on our web-based APQP system, which allows each team member to review and update project status 24/7/365; this information can also be made readily available at the request of the client.

A Legacy of Innovation

The Markdom International management team has a proven history of developing game-changing products to help our clients work better and smarter.